[FutileStruggles.com / Clips4Sale.com] Tree Taped

Year of production: 2020
Country: USA
Genre: BDSM, Humiliation, Torture, Whipping
Duration: 00:22:29
Studio: FutileStruggles.com / Clips4Sale.com
Description: Illustrious finds herself taped to a tree out in the woods. Her captor decides to be sure she stays there as he has some target practice to do before deer season begins. Fortunately hot young trespassing women are always in season !! He stuffs a pink shop rag in her mouth and then seals it in with clear tape. He circles, gropes, and slaps his captive. He then starts taping her more thoroughly to the tree. After 1 roll of tape is used up, he applies some harsh clover clamps to her nipples. He then starts adding more tape. Illustrious sways in the wind and was she is being taped. She is tied to a small, but strong tree that is much like a spring. More and more tape is added until she is pretty much mummified to the tree. He steps away for a while as Illustrious can do nothing but “mmpph” and sway in the breeze. When he returns, he tapes up her face a little more thoroughly effectively blindfolding her. When he returns he shoves the tree and watches amusingly as his captive bounces around and “mmmpphs” through her gag.

HD video type: 720p
Video Format: MP4
Video: VC-1, WMV3, 1280×720 (16: 9), 59.940 fps, 2954 Kbps (0.053 bit / pixel)
Audio: WMA, 48.0 kHz, 2 ch, 192 kbps, CBR (English (United States))



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