[ChastityBabes.com] (CB562 – Little Caprice – Plugged) (CB563 – Little Caprice – Plugged And Chained) (CB565 – Little Caprice Gets Her Release)

Year of production: 2017
Genre: BDSM, Humiliation, Chastity Deal, Featured, Plugged
CB562 – 00:04:59
CB563 – 00:05:46
CB565 – 00:05:23
Cast: Little Caprice
Yes! You read that correctly: ‘Little Caprice plugged’! I’m very proud that a small content producer like me can get one of the most famous girls on the internet and make her wear a chastity belt. Which is also very ironic, because Caprice is a super horny, never satisfied little adult star, who loves nothing more than touch herself or have sex with her either boys or girls!
I made her a great Deal, to be plugged and belted for a while with me in Holland, but when she arrived, she did not really feel like it anymore. She really did not want to be locked in the tight red MySteel again, the belt she hated so much when she took a job as a Chastity Babes promo girl. But a Deal is a Deal, and I wasn’t going to let her get away without at least trying. Strangely enough, Caprice did not mind the addition of the vaginal plug that much. Maybe she figured it might at least give her some pleasure.
It’s not easy to lock yourself in a tight MySteel belt, the metal is not super flexible and the lock consists of a few parts that have to line up. I let Caprice struggle with it, as I happily watched a popular member request come true: Little Caprice plugged and belted herself! With a little help, she finally snapped shut the padlock and she was in the MySteel, no escape, the keys safely in my back pocket! Absolutely no chance to get the vaginal plug out of her and no touching anymore for the poor Czech starlet!
I really loved having this power over a famous girl like this, but Caprice has a few weapons of her own: her super sad big eyes and her cute pout would test my willpower to the max. She wanted out, and she tried to persuade me from the start of the Deal. I don’t know how long I would be able to resist! But I had to be strong, it’s Little Caprice in a plugged belt !!
Poor Little Caprice had to deal with the plug inside her for the rest of the day, it was in our little contract. She didn’t really like it, I seemed. But I think she was just putting on her sad face to get unlocked sooner. Who can resist those big eyes and this cute pout!
Well, I could … just barely. I made her take off the rest of her clothes and collared her. Then I used a chain to lock her to the bed. It would be perfect to see her frustration, not able to go anywhere, nothing to do, not even given her access to her phone. And when Little Caprice gets bored … well, google it, she only really likes to do one thing. And that’s to touch herself. Rubbing the front shield did not give her any pleasure. Moving her hips only made the plug go in and out a little. She was getting more wet, but there was nothing she could do to get any real
I loved having Little Caprice as my pet slave, I really did. I think no one in the world will ever lock Caprice in a chastity belt, except me. Which almost feels like an honor, because she is so cute, gorgeous, famous, and a very sweet girl in private life. To keep her for almost a day in a plugged belt was fun to watch, especially since I could see the vaginal plug insider her through the anal opening of the belt!
It’s not a long Deal, but it is Little Caprice and she was getting so frustrated that I knew she would masturbate right in front of me whenever I would finally give her the key! But not just yet …. not just yet …
Poor Little Caprice, chained and plugged on the bed for an afternoon. Well, more like 4 hours, it wasn’t that long. But without her phone or anything to do, it was long enough for her.
She sneered at me when I entered. ‘Finally you are back!’, She said. She seemed really desperate. Maybe it is really true that Little Caprice can not go without masturbating for very long. A little search online certainly seems to confirm that, but I thought that was just an act? The big plug inside her had made her really wet, since the standard MySteel plug has quite a thick base and metal balls in descending size. It kept her pussy active and stimulated when she moved (even if she moved just a little). I think a plug is a really good training tool in combination with a chastity belt, but many people seem to think it is contradictory.
Anyway, it worked, because after a little tease with the keys, Caprice snatched them from my hands, unlocked her belt (with some difficulty) and removed the plug from her pussy. She started masturbating right away! I was still in the room, filming, but she did not care! She needed to get her relief. Well, she earned it!
I think the best part was that she did not even notice her collar was still chained to the bed after she came, and she realized I had not give her the key to unlock the chain. Which I wasn’t going to for a while … Caprice was too tired to protest, she just collapsed on the bed, happy that she was finally released of her belt and plug. She is so awesome, if it wasn’t illegal I would have kept her forever. But I have had enough problems with that already, so I won’t try that again

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