/ (31 videos) Collection of incidents Boys Halfway House – Part 2 / (31 videos) Collection of incidents Boys Halfway House - Part 2
Number of rollers: 31
Period covered: 2014-2015
Country: USA / USA
Website and site: /
Genre: Older / Younger, Bareback, Straight / Str8 / Gay4Pay, Group / Threesome, Twinks, Jocks, Hunks, White Trash, Thugs, Men Over 30, Average Body, Tattoos, Piercing, Ginger / Red, Blond, Long Hair, Beard , Hairy, Humiliation / Submission / Punishment / Abuse, Virgin / Cherry Pop / Deflower, Sucking / Deep Throating / Face Fucking / Gagging / DOP, Ass / Butt Play / Rimming / Fingering / Dildo / Gaping, Bondage, Massage, Creampies, Facial , Cum Eating, Piss, Foot Play, Anal / Oral, Handjob, Jerk Off, Amateur, Close Up, POV, Gonzo
“Boys Halfway House”
Just when these young guys think their problems are over, they are just beginning. Young vulnerable guys are violated, abused, and taken advantage of for sex with much older men! These guys are in a halfway house, for a reason – usually fresh out of jail or prison, a close call with the law, or some serious drug abuse issues. But the nice thing is that they are usually straight, lean, and used to put out for a favor or some dough. I do not feel bad at all taking advantage of them, if they are for themselves in the situation to begin with! It’s not my fault. And hell, if I can get away with it, get my dick wet in the meantime, I do not care one bit. Fuck these little fucks – they are current or future criminals and druggies, and they deserve to be used and abused.

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